George Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin ‘in stable condition’ post stabbed in prison


Former police officer Derek Chauvin is “expected to survive” a stabbing attack, as he was recently involved in one, authorities said.

Earlier this week, Chauvin, 47 – former police officer who was convicted for murdering George Floyd – was stabbed in Arizona prison.

Now, Minneapolis police chief Brian O’Hara and a spokesperson for state attorney general Keith Ellison’s office has stated that Chauvin is on mend, as reported by PEOPLE.


O’Hara said that the former police officer is currently “in a stable condition,” citing his federal enforcement partners.

Brian Evans, an Ellison spokesperson, meanwhile, said that the attorney general’s office “heard that [Chauvin] is expected to survive” as of Friday evening.

According to the reports by Associate Press on Friday, Chauvin was seriously injured after he was stabbed by another inmate in the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, Arizona.

The outlet also added that the already medium – security prison is low staffed, which has caused it a lack of security.