George Clooney Firmly Rejects a Return as Batman in the DC Universe


George Clooney’s reprisal as Bruce Wayne in the recent appearance during the conclusion of The Flash left many DC fans excited about the potential return of the actor to the superhero franchise. However, Clooney himself seems to have definitively shut down any hopes for a more extensive comeback as Batman, citing humorous yet firm reasons.

In a lighthearted conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Clooney jokingly referred to the iconic “rubber nipples” from his Batsuit in Batman and Robin, hinting at the notorious design choices that contributed to the film’s infamy. He playfully noted that without these distinguishing features, it wouldn’t quite be “his Batman.”

When asked about the prospect of reprising his role for more superhero movies, Clooney responded with a resounding and witty refusal, stating, “I don’t think there’s enough drugs in the world for me to come back again.” His humorous yet unequivocal dismissal suggests that the actor is content to leave his stint as Batman firmly in the past.


Clooney’s portrayal of the Dark Knight in Batman and Robin, released in 1997, is remembered for its campy and exaggerated elements, including the infamous Batnipples and the flamboyant portrayal of villains like Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze. While the film did succeed at the box office, it faced scathing criticism from both reviewers and fans, marking it as one of the lowest points in the Batman film franchise.

Despite the film’s less-than-stellar reception, Clooney’s take on the character of Bruce Wayne had its own charm and charisma. His appearance in The Flash elicited excitement among fans, yet it seems Clooney’s reluctance to fully dive back into the superhero realm is understandable, given the earlier criticisms and challenges associated with his portrayal.

Nevertheless, the nostalgia and unique flair of the Clooney era of Batman remain intriguing and somewhat endearing to fans. While Clooney may not be keen on a full-fledged return to the iconic role, his cameo in The Flash provided a moment of delight for fans, signaling a fond remembrance of his contribution to the storied legacy of Batman on the silver screen.