Genshin Impact Leaks: Detailed Insights into Xianyun’s Abilities and Animations


The leaked details on Xianyun, an upcoming addition to Genshin Impact’s character roster in version 4.4, hint at her background as an Adeptus, a mystical being dedicated to safeguarding Liyue from threats. While specifics about her story remain undisclosed, reliable sources suggest Xianyun will take center stage in various quests and events in this update.

Version 4.4 seems poised to enrich Liyue’s character pool, promising new regions and formidable boss battles for players to explore. Among the anticipated locales is Chenyu Vale, comprising distinct areas like Qiaoying Village, Jademouth, Chenlong Pool, and Yilong Wharf, potentially serving as the setting where players encounter Xianyun and Gaming, both new characters rooted in Liyue.

Insights from credible sources like FouL and Dimbreath shed light on Xianyun’s abilities, revealing her combat prowess. Her plunging attack creates orbs upon impact, while her combat state enables AoE damage thrice over. Employing her elemental skill, Xianyun transforms into a wind crane, dealing significant damage. Her elemental burst possesses team-healing capabilities and generates a “Bamboo Star” that bolsters an ally’s plunging attack damage and agility.


Notably, Xianyun’s gameplay mechanics allow her to execute two mid-air jumps before unleashing her special attack, inflicting damage on multiple foes. With captivating animations showcasing her transformation into a majestic deity with expansive wings, Xianyun wields a Catalyst to unleash Anemo damage from a distance.

Furthermore, rumors suggest that Genshin Impact’s version 4.4 will introduce quality-of-life improvements, including an auto-equip feature for artifact sets. This addition aims to assist players in optimizing their characters by automatically selecting the most suitable artifacts for team-building. While some veterans might view this feature as unnecessary, it could greatly benefit newer players navigating the complexities of character enhancement and customization in the game.