Genshin Impact Leak Provides Clues on New 4.2 Livestream Date!


Genshin Impact fans can anticipate a wealth of new content with the upcoming Version 4.2 update. This includes the addition of new characters Furina and Charlotte, as well as an expansion to Fontaine’s map. The release of this update has been eagerly awaited, and recent leaks suggest that the Version 4.2 Special Program is expected to air on November 3.

Originally scheduled for October 27, the livestream was postponed without an official reason provided. Speculation among fans suggested it may have been due to a significant event in China. The Genshin Impact developer, HoYoverse, is based in China and past events, such as COVID-19 outbreaks, have caused delays in the game’s release schedule. Now, the leaked information points to a new broadcast date.

According to a recent leak shared on the Genshin Impact subreddit, the Version 4.2 Special Program is rumored to air on November 3rd at 20:00 GMT+8, equivalent to 8 AM Eastern Time. This potential broadcast date would precede the anticipated launch of Genshin Impact’s Version 4.2 on November 8. However, it’s important to note that this date has not been officially confirmed by HoYoverse.


In addition to the introduction of new characters, Version 4.2 is expected to feature the return of popular past characters, including Raiden Shogun and Arataki Itto. There has been some debate within the leaking community about the third re-run slot, with possibilities including Albedo or Kamisato Ayaka.

Looking ahead, Version 4.3 is rumored to introduce Navia as the first Geo character in nearly two years, along with the debut of Chevreuse as a Pyro Polearm user. With these exciting updates on the horizon, Genshin Impact players can look forward to an enriched gaming experience in the coming months.