Genshin Impact Leak Offers Clue to Furina’s Unique Local Specialty Item


In the highly-anticipated Version 4.2 update of Genshin Impact, players can look forward to encountering Furina, the boisterous Hydro Archon who has quickly won the hearts of fans in the Fontaine region. Alongside Furina’s arrival, this update is expected to introduce the second major expansion to the game’s newest region, extending it eastward beyond the Belleau Region mountains. This new area will feature Fontaine’s second harbor and town, offering a wealth of new resources for players to explore and gather, including the local specialties needed to level up Furina.

A recent leak shared by Genshin Impact insiders Fy1995 Leaks and Tao has revealed the spawn locations for Furina’s local specialty. According to the information, Furina’s unique flower will predominantly grow in the mountains surrounding the Opera Epiclese, with 51 of these flowers available for harvesting before initiating any quests. Completing the “Weeping Willow of the Lake” quest will grant players access to an additional 20 of these mysterious flowers. For players already actively farming resources within Fontaine, a limited shop will allow them to exchange Tidalgas for up to 15 of these new flowers.

In addition to this exciting news, leaks about Furina have unveiled several intriguing mechanics within the Hydro Archon’s abilities. Early glimpses of Furina’s gameplay indicate that she will employ a unique HP-draining mechanism, utilizing her allies’ HP to bolster the power of her own attacks. Her Elemental Skill summons Hydro mimics to assist her in battle, dealing Hydro damage to enemies. Furina is anticipated to make her debut on the first banner of Version 4.2, set to launch on November 8.


Furina won’t be the sole new character introduced in the Version 4.2 update of Genshin Impact, as a four-star character is also slated for inclusion. Charlotte, the first revealed Fontaine character, is set to join the roster. Leaks have hinted at Charlotte being a Cryo healer, using her Kamera to both inflict AoE Cryo damage and restore the HP of her allies. With Furina and Charlotte’s debut, HoYoverse can expect a surge of excitement and success within the Genshin Impact community.