Genshin Impact Gamer Stumbles Upon Startling Neuvillette Glitch!


A Genshin Impact player recently shared a peculiar video showcasing a glitch featuring the newly released character, Neuvillette. As Teyvat’s universe continues to expand with each update, players often encounter various glitches that can add an element of intrigue to their gameplay experience.

Neuvillette made his debut in Genshin Impact during update 4.0 as the Chief Justice of Fontaine, a significant character in the Hydro nation. Since then, HoYoverse has made him a playable character, and he was featured in the first part of Genshin Impact update 4.1.

A Reddit user posted a fascinating video demonstrating an unusual glitch involving the recently added Hydro character, Neuvillette. In the footage, Neuvillette’s entire body, except for his face model, appears to be missing. However, this doesn’t hinder Fontaine’s Chief Justice from executing his attacks, as his staff and catalyst remain visible on the screen. The glitch garnered a lot of attention in the community, with the post receiving over 2.5k upvotes. Many comments jokingly suggested that this could be Neuvillette’s Halloween costume. Some fans even pointed out that this glitch is yet another reason why players should consider spending their Primogems on the Hydro catalyst user.


To acquire Neuvillette, players will need to wait a couple of months for his re-run, as he was part of the first banner cycle in the ongoing update 4.1. In terms of his prowess on the field, the catalyst user is arguably the most powerful Hydro DPS character in the game. This is thanks to his unique kit, which allows Neuvillette to complete Spiral Abyss runs solo.

His kit centers around the special Charged Attack, which enables Neuvillette to unleash a powerful beam dealing significant AoE Hydro damage. One of his Passive Talents enhances the damage potential of his Charged Attack the more different elemental reactions he triggers. This means that his optimal team composition should include at least three different elements to maximize reactions.

When building Neuvillette, aside from focusing on standard DPS stats, players should prioritize HP and Charged Attack damage. The Marechaussee Hunter artifact set is particularly beneficial in this regard, offering substantial CA damage and Crit Rate buffs. His recommended weapon is the Tome of the Eternal Flow catalyst, which synergizes perfectly with Neuvillette’s kit.