Genshin Impact Enthusiast Reveals Delightful Halloween-Themed Furina Concept


A talented artist in the Genshin Impact community has crafted an adorable Halloween-themed concept for Lady Furina, also known as Focalors, the Hydro Archon of Teyvat. This character made her debut in the first Fontaine story quest, assuming the role of Teyvat’s Hydro Archon.

Anticipation for her addition to the playable roster has been building among players. Fortunately, Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account has confirmed that she will be arriving in the upcoming version 4.2 update. Focalors won’t be the only new character introduced in this update; she will be accompanied by the familiar face of the four-star unit named Charlotte.

Genshin Impact’s vibrant community is known for drawing inspiration from the game’s stunning character designs to create their own unique art pieces. A Reddit user, teenagerobot, has skillfully crafted a Halloween-themed concept for the Hydro Archon Focalors. In this concept, her customary hat is replaced with a witch’s hat, perfectly capturing the spirit of Halloween. The silver-blue tresses that cascade down her shoulders provide a striking contrast to the dark hues of her new attire. The concept garnered over 2.4k upvotes on Genshin Impact’s official subreddit, with fans expressing their enthusiasm for the idea, some even stating they would gladly spend Primogems if miHoYo were to introduce a similar outfit for the Hydro Archon.


In the official storyline, Lady Furina is depicted as a somewhat insecure character who often relies on other powerful figures, such as the recently introduced Hydro user Neuvillette. Despite being an Archon, rumors have circulated suggesting that Neuvillette might actually be stronger than Focalors, a deviation from the typical hierarchy of Teyvat’s chosen protectors.

However, in terms of her battlefield prowess, recent leaks suggest that Furina is likely to become a sought-after Hydro support character, adaptable to various team compositions. Her kit enables her to apply the Hydro element and deal substantial damage even when not actively on the field. Focalors’ Elemental Skill allows her to summon three distinct elemental lifeforms that remain on the field, launching attacks against nearby enemies.

As for her exact release date, players will have to await the Genshin Impact 4.2 livestream event, which will also unveil which five-star characters will receive a banner re-run. Rumors indicate that Focalors will feature in the first banner cycle, slated to arrive around November 7.