When does the Gen V series take place in The Boys timeline?


For fans eagerly awaiting Gen V, the latest addition to The Boys universe, the prospect of witnessing young superheroes honing their skills in a college rife with conspiracy is undeniably enticing. The series promises to be a thrilling addition to the lineup of anticipated new shows for 2023, especially for aficionados of the action-packed and no-holds-barred world of The Boys.

As avid followers of The Boys are well aware, the show is known for its unapologetically gory and intense narrative, making Gen V a highly anticipated instalment. With nods and connections to The Boys seamlessly woven into the storyline, expectations are running high, with many anticipating that Gen V could very well become the standout superhero series since its predecessor.

However, the question of where exactly Gen V fits into the original show’s timeline has been on the minds of many fans. Fear not, for we have all the answers to address the burning question: When does the Gen V series take place in The Boys timeline?


Officially confirmed by The Boys Twitter page, Gen V is set between the events of seasons 3 and 4 of The Boys, picking up immediately after the conclusion of season 3. The tweet from The Boys Twitter account specifically stated: “If we’re clearin’ up the timeline, Gen V takes place between S3 and S4. So the kiddos at God U all saw Homelander laser a guy’s head off to the sound of thunderous applause.”

It’s worth noting that astute fans could have pieced this together simply by paying attention to the events in Gen V. In the season 3 finale of The Boys, viewers witness the shocking act of Homelander taking a civilian’s life with his devastating laser vision, all in response to being labelled a fascist. This brutal scene is subsequently referenced in Gen V through a news report on television, shedding light on Homelander’s trial for the gruesome incident. The interconnectedness between the two series serves to enrich the viewing experience for fans of The Boys and promises an intriguing continuation of the narrative in Gen V.