Gaza’s communications blackout raises concern over Israeli war crimes


Gaza continues to be unreachable to the outside world as the phone and internet services in the region has been cut. Humanitarian and media organisations have argued that communication blackout could provide cover for atrocities in the besieged enclave.

Palestinians in Gaza were unable to communicate with people outside the enclave for a second day on Saturday after some of the heaviest bombing of the war and reports by Hamas of limited ground incursions by Israeli forces overnight.

Palestinian telecoms provider Jawwal on Friday said that Israeli bombarding destroyed the remaining international routes which connected the enclaved territory with the outside world.


Nida Ibrahim, a reporter for Al Jazeera from Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, on Saturday said that “very minimal” information was coming out of Gaza.

Amnesty International said it had lost contact with its colleagues in Gaza, due to communication blackout, which has made it extremely difficult to document rights abuses.

Senior technology and human rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, Deborah Brown, stated that the blackout could “provide cover for mass atrocities” and will contribute to impunity for human rights violations.