Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital crisis worsen as Israel – Hamas war rages


The doctor who leads burns department at Al-Shifa hospital has informed Al Jazeera that most of the patients who remained on ventilators due to lack of water and fuel have died on Sunday.

Dr. Ahmad Mofeed Al-Mokhalalati noted a significant decrease in the number of premature babies in their care, with little hope of survival for the remaining infants under current conditions.

Gaza’s largest hospital is grappling with severe shortage of basic necessities such as water and electricity in the main building of the compound, said the doctor.


Due to lack of necessities, the surgical operations have come to an halt. This resulted in an increase in suffering especially among the children who are facing severe intestinal infections, a direct consequence of the unavailability of clean water, Al-Mokhalalati stated.

The situation escalated inside the hospital as the Israeli forces stormed two building, with tanks still inside the compound, in search of Hamas base, which they claim is hidden underneath the hospital.

The Israel government, as per their promise, provided food to the hospital, but it was grossly insufficient, as it catered to only 40% of those inside the medical facility.