Gaza hospital surrounded by Israeli tanks, as other healthcare facility claim damages due to Israeli strikes


The Israeli tanks have surrounded a hospital in Gaza, as reported by CNN. The reports comes after the territory’s largest healthcare facility came under a reported “bombardment” heightening fears Friday that Israel’s military campaign is further endangering Gazan patients and medical staff.

In an interaction with the news outlet, Mustafa al-Kahlout, who heads the Al Nasr hospital and Al Rantisi Pediatric hospital in northern Gaza, said that they were surrounded and were asked for the Red Cross to assist with an evacuation. Al-Kahlout said, “We are completely surrounded, there are tanks outside the hospital, and we cannot leave.”

The hospital complex is close to Al Shati camp and Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, where both Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas have reported to indulge in ground fighting. Al-Khalout said that they do not have electricity, medicine, water, or oxygen for the patients. “We do not know our fate.”


His call comes reportedly after the several hospitals in the northern Gaza, including al-Shifa, were struck in Northen Gaza City.