Fukushima hosts Japanese language composition contest for foreigners


The Reconstruction Agency organised a Japanese language composition contest for foreigners with a Fukushima theme to hasten the recognition of Fukushima’s recovery. It invited the top nine winners to Fukushima and nominated them. It seeks to increase understanding of the current Fukushima.

The purpose of this tour is to encourage foreigners studying Japanese to write compositions of the theme “Fukushima” so they can learn about Fukushima’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, food culture, nature and other attractions. “As a result, I hope it will help to dispel the damage caused by rumours. 878 people from 31 countries and regions have applied to the competition,” Hajime Sonoyama of the Reconstruction Agency said.

“They visited the Memorial Museum of the Great Earthquake. The area was affected by a 16.5-meter-high tsunami in 2011. A museum was also constructed in the damaged area. It transmits painful memories and recovers situations year by year,” Sonoyama added.


Tenorio Molina Jose Humberto, a visitor from Mexico, said, “Mexico has a lot of earthquakes. I think reconstruction requires individual effort. I wrote a composition about that. When I came to Fukushima and saw various scenery, I thought it was wonderful.”

“Ukedo Elementary School was affected by the tsunami. The school building is preserved as it was. Fortunately, 82 school pupils escaped from the tsunami safely, guided by the teacher’s navigation,” said Adriana Anna Igorivna Nazarko, a visitor from the USA.

“When I was a child, my grandmother and parents told me about the Chernobyl accident. I thought about this experience and wrote a composition. I would like to send a message to the Fukushima people to do their best for the future,” Adriana also said.

Ohirayama Cemetery is the enshrined sacrifice of the tsunami. On that day, a tsunami attacked and the next day, a radiation warning for the Fukushima nuclear power plant was issued, including a compulsory evacuation. So searching for unknown people halts. This cemetery keeps such regretful memories.

This Aquamarine Museum was affected by the earthquake, including the evacuation of fish. However, it has fully recovered and is now entertaining guests.