FSU Basketball Sensation Finds Love in Star Player Angel Reese’s Boyfriend


After an impressive season at Louisiana State University (LSU), Angel Reese landed a substantial name, image, likeness (NIL) deal with Reebok. Alongside her on-court success, her relationship with Cam’Ron Fletcher, a guard for Florida State University (FSU), drew attention. Their romance became evident through social media posts, including a TikTok showing the pair at the gym. Confirming their relationship on the “1 Star Recruits” podcast, Reese mentioned their long history and shared understanding of each other’s sport-driven schedules.

Their public affection continued, featuring Instagram posts showcasing their Jamaica vacation and heartfelt dedications. Displaying school rivalries in a playful manner, they made friendly bets around LSU and FSU sports events. Reese sported FSU gear after LSU’s loss in a football match, honoring their bet and playfully embracing the rivalry.

During the basketball season, Reese actively supported Fletcher’s FSU team, celebrating their victories on social media. Fletcher, recognized for his on-court prowess, secured sponsorships, with his annual NIL deal estimated at $140,000, according to On3. His playing style, driven by energy and instinct, reflected in his interviews, while his social media presence often highlighted his relationship with Reese.


Their social media feeds were filled with affectionate posts. Fletcher posted about their deep connection and shared multiple images of them together, showing their closeness and mutual admiration. Notably, the couple expanded their commitment by welcoming a puppy named Tiago, a chocolate toy Yorkie. They created an Instagram account for Tiago, documenting the dog’s adventures and affection for both Reese at LSU and Fletcher at FSU.

Their relationship blossomed not only through declarations of love but also by embracing shared experiences and taking steps to build a life together, symbolized by their adorable four-legged addition.