From London strolls to parenthood: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse’s relationship timeline


In the world of Hollywood, some love stories shine brighter than the rest. One such tale is the romance between Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse. From the first sparks of attraction in 2018 to the recent announcement of their engagement and impending parenthood, their journey has been nothing short of a captivating love story.

Here’s everything we know about Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse’s relationship timeline.

July 2018: A PDA-infused beginning


The whispers of romance began in July 2018 when Pattinson and Waterhouse were spotted sharing a moment of PDA on the streets of London. Confirming the speculations, a source revealed to PEOPLE that the two were, indeed, an item.

January 11, 2019: Celebrating birthdays together

Waterhouse celebrated her 27th birthday in the company of Pattinson at Casa Cruz in London. Joined by friends like Liv Tyler and Cara Delevingne, the couple’s bond was strengthening, evident in the warmth of their celebrations.

April 28, 2019: Pattinson speaks about Waterhouse publicly

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Pattinson briefly touched upon his relationship with Waterhouse, offering glimpses into his love life. Despite being more guarded about his current romance, he expressed appreciation for the experiences gained from past relationships.

May 13, 2019: Birthday bliss

Pattinson’s 33rd birthday was marked by a celebratory dinner at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where he was joined by Waterhouse. The duo shared moments outside the restaurant, offering a glimpse into their happiness.

January 17, 2020: Sparking engagement rumours

The year began with engagement rumours swirling as Waterhouse wore a ring on her wedding finger during a Dior dinner party in Paris. The couple, however, kept the speculations under wraps.

May 2020: Lockdown love in London

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Pattinson and Waterhouse found solace in each other’s company, living together in London during the halt in the production of “The Batman”. Their bond grew stronger during this period of uncertainty.

December 3, 2022: Red carpet debut in Egypt

In a moment of glamour, Pattinson and Waterhouse made their red carpet debut at the Dior Men Fall 2023 show in Giza, Egypt. The event marked a significant milestone in their four-year relationship.

November 19, 2023: Baby bliss announcement

Onstage at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City, Waterhouse revealed the exciting news of her pregnancy, sharing her joy with the audience. The couple is set to embark on the adventure of parenthood.

December 21, 2023: Engaged and planning a future

Recent speculations turned into joyful confirmation as sources revealed that Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are engaged and eager to tie the knot. Their commitment to each other takes center stage as they plan for a shared future.

From the streets of London to the red carpets of Egypt, Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse’s relationship has blossomed into a beautiful love story. Now, fans and well-wishers eagerly await the next chapter in this enchanting romance, celebrating the joyous moments that continue to unfold in the lives of these two stars.