From Deserts to Skyscrapers: A Guide to the UAE

Discovering the Diverse Landscapes and Modern Marvels


The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a land of contrasts and innovation, beckons travelers to explore its diverse landscapes, from golden deserts to futuristic cities. Join us as we embark on a journey through the UAE, where ancient traditions meet modern aspirations in a captivating blend of culture and innovation.

Places to See:

  • Dubai: Begin your exploration in Dubai, the dazzling metropolis known for its iconic skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and vibrant nightlife. Visit the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and take in panoramic views of the city from the observation deck. Explore the historic district of Al Fahidi, wander through the bustling souks of Deira, and relax on the pristine beaches of Jumeirah.
  • Abu Dhabi: Discover the capital city of Abu Dhabi, home to cultural landmarks, modern architecture, and lush oases. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world, and marvel at its intricate marble work and towering minarets. Explore the cultural district of Saadiyat Island, home to the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the upcoming Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.
  • Al Ain: Escape to the oasis city of Al Ain, located at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, where ancient forts, lush gardens, and natural springs await. Visit the Al Jahili Fort and the Al Ain Palace Museum to learn about the city’s history and heritage, and explore the tranquil oasis of Al Ain Oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Places to Eat:

  • Fine Dining Restaurants: Indulge in gourmet cuisine at fine dining restaurants and celebrity chef establishments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where you can enjoy innovative dishes inspired by global flavors. Sample dishes such as Arabic mezze, Wagyu beef, and seafood specialties, and pair your meal with fine wines or signature cocktails.
  • Street Food Markets: Experience the diverse flavors of Emirati cuisine at street food markets and food trucks throughout the UAE, where you can sample traditional dishes made with local ingredients. Try specialties such as shawarma (grilled meat wraps), falafel, and manakish (flatbread topped with cheese and herbs), and enjoy the lively atmosphere of outdoor dining.
  • Emirati Cafés: Relax and unwind at Emirati cafés and coffee shops, where you can enjoy Arabic coffee and sweet treats such as baklava and kunafa. Sip on traditional Arabic coffee flavored with cardamom, saffron, and rose water, and indulge in desserts such as luqaimat (fried dough balls) and maamoul (date-filled cookies).

Places to Stay:

  • Luxury Hotels: Retreat to luxury hotels and resorts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where you can enjoy five-star accommodations and world-class amenities. Choose from iconic properties such as the Burj Al Arab and the Emirates Palace, and experience opulent suites, private beaches, and indulgent spa treatments.
  • Desert Resorts: Experience the tranquility of the desert at luxury desert resorts and tented camps in the UAE’s desert regions, where you can stay in elegant accommodations inspired by Bedouin culture. Enjoy desert safaris, camel rides, and traditional Arabian entertainment, and dine under the stars at desert camps.
  • Beach Resorts: Relax and unwind at beach resorts and island retreats in the UAE’s coastal destinations, where you can enjoy sun, sand, and sea. Stay in beachfront villas or overwater bungalows, and indulge in water sports, spa treatments, and beachside dining.

The UAE’s diverse landscapes, modern marvels, and rich cultural heritage offer travelers a unique and unforgettable experience. Join us as we explore the deserts, skyscrapers, and oases of the UAE, where every corner reveals a new and exciting adventure.