‘Frasier’ Release Schedule!


After nearly two decades, the beloved series “Frasier” is back, led once again by the incomparable Kelsey Grammer. However, this time around, the show has embraced the streaming era, finding its new home on Paramount+ instead of its original NBC broadcast. With a more streamlined episode count and exclusive streaming availability, here’s everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated return of “Frasier.”

The new “Frasier” series is currently exclusively streaming on Paramount+. While the first two episodes will have a special broadcast on CBS on Tuesday, Oct. 17, subsequent episodes will only be available on the streaming platform.

In contrast to the original series, which boasted a consistent 24-episode format per season, the rebooted “Frasier” season will comprise a concise 10 episodes.



‘Frasier’ Release Schedule

Following a double-episode series premiere on Oct. 12 (or Oct. 17 for CBS viewers), fans can look forward to weekly releases on Paramount+, every Thursday, until the grand finale on Dec. 7. The full 10-episode release schedule is provided below:

1. Episode 1: “The Good Father” – Oct. 12
– After Martin’s passing, Frasier returns to Boston for a college lecture and to reconnect with his son, Freddy. Yet, he suspects Freddy is harboring a secret.

2. Episode 2: “Moving In” – Oct. 12
– Hoping to make up for lost time, Frasier’s efforts with Freddy take an unexpected turn when a disagreement over a Red Sox memento escalates into a battle of wills.

3. Episode 3: “First Class” – Oct. 19, 2023
– Embarking on a new chapter in academia at the university, Frasier is determined to be taken seriously. However, shedding his image as a daytime talk show host is easier said than done.

Episode 4 – Oct. 26, 2023

Episode 5 – Nov. 2, 2023

Episode 6 – Nov. 9, 2023

Episode 7 – Nov. 16, 2023

Episode 8 – Nov. 23, 2023

Episode 9 – Nov. 30, 2023

Episode 10 – Dec. 7, 2023

For fans looking to revisit the classics, both the 11-season runs of “Cheers” and the original “Frasier” series are available for streaming on Paramount+. Additionally, Hulu offers all 11 seasons of “Frasier” and the first four seasons of “Cheers.” Amazon Prime Video is also extending a special offer, providing the first season of both series for free until Oct. 31. It’s worth noting that Frasier’s debut in “Cheers” didn’t occur until the Season 3 premiere, adding an extra layer of nostalgia for dedicated fans.