Fourth Wing: Amazon Adapts Best-Selling Fantasy ‘Fourth Wing’ into TV Series


Author Rebecca Yarros’ captivating fantasy series, “The Empyrean,” is set to make its television debut, spearheaded by Amazon Studios in collaboration with Michael B. Jordan’s esteemed production company, Outlier Society, as reported by Deadline. This acquisition was clinched prior to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike and emerged from a fiercely competitive auction, ultimately leading Amazon to secure the rights to this remarkable book series. Outlier Society, with its comprehensive series deal with Amazon, will take on the role of executive producer for this highly anticipated adaptation.

Yarros’ inaugural work in the series, “Fourth Wing,” has achieved the esteemed accolade of being listed on the New York Times Bestsellers List. The narrative immerses readers in the tumultuous realm of Basgiath War College, a place governed by a singular, unforgiving rule: “Graduate or Die.” Within this world, we meet the 20-year-old protagonist, Violet Sorrengail, whose existence is primarily ensconced in the pages of her books and the annals of history. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when her mother, a distinguished war general, assigns her the formidable task of competing amongst hundreds of candidates in the quest to become a revered dragon rider and gain entry into the prestigious league of Navarre. The stakes are sky-high, for if Violet manages to evade the fiery breath of the formidable dragons, the potential threat may come from one of her fellow riders.

In an era where established intellectual properties (IPs) are viewed as a guaranteed draw for audiences, Amazon holds a promising asset with “Fourth Wing.” The series commands a devoted and extensive fan base, having enjoyed an impressive 25-week run on the New York Times Bestsellers list, with an astounding 13 weeks reigning at the very top. Although Yarros has already penned over 20 books, including notable titles like “Great and Precious Things,” “In the Likely Event,” “A Little Too Close,” “The Things We Leave Unfinished,” “The Last Letter,” and “Reason to Believe,” “Fourth Wing” marks her maiden voyage into the realms of fantasy.


The universe of “Fourth Wing” is poised to expand further with the forthcoming release of its sequel, “Iron Flame,” slated for a highly anticipated debut in November, and three additional books in the series on the horizon. According to reports, should the series garner a positive reception, Amazon envisions the potential to transform it into a franchise. Fantasy projects often prove to be a mixed bag with audiences; some, like “Sandman” and “House of the Dragon,” have garnered significant acclaim, while others, such as Amazon’s “Wheel of Time” and “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” have received more modest reviews. Although a specific release date for the series has yet to be disclosed, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further updates, which can be found on Collider for the latest developments.