Foundation Season 2 Release Schedule: When is episode 10 coming out on Apple Tv?


When will the season two finale of The Foundation be released? The Isaac Asimov adaption and total mind-bender Foundation is back on our screens, and it’s Apple’s most ambitious science fiction narrative ever.

The Foundation of Apple TV Plus has us completely enamoured. It’s one of the greatest science fiction shows on television right now, bringing Asimov’s hefty tale of psychohistory and the tragic destiny of humanity to life. There is a lot of complex science fiction material to comprehend, but it’s fun to spend time exploring Hari Seldon’s (Jared Harris) convoluted universe and his prophecies on the demise of a society ruled by a dynasty of clones.

We’ve looked into the future of one of the finest TV shows on screens to bring you the Foundation season 2 release date in the aftermath of the season 2 release date for the Foundation.



Foundation Season 2 Episode 10 Release date

On Friday, September 15, 2023 at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET, Foundation season 2 episode 10 will air on Apple TV Plus. For a full breakdown of what we thought of the most recent episode, which we rated as the finest of the season thus far, check out our Foundation season 2 episode 9 report.

In this second season, every significant actor from the Foundation ensemble, including Lee Pace and Lou Llobell, comes back for more. A century after Raych murdered Hari, the Empire is in disarray due to the contaminated DNA scandal and Queen Sareth’s schemes, but the heroes of the Foundation have finally reunited.

Even if the first Seldon Crisis may be over, there is still a lot of turbulence to navigate before we can determine whether the mathematician’s strategy to preserve mankind will succeed as he has always anticipated.

Up to the completion of the 10-episode season, fresh episodes of Foundation season 2 are available on Apple TV Plus every Friday.