Foundation Season 2 Episode 8 Recap!


After the somewhat slower and more deliberate setup of Foundation season 2 episode 7, one of the finest sci-fi shows out there has slammed the accelerator pedal through the floor as it prepares for its conclusion. It’s a period of crisis.

The Mentalics made a huge move this week, which is unfortunate for Salvor (Leah Harvey) and Gaal (Lou Llobell). A botched execution on Trantor, in the meantime, causes havoc, pushing Brother Day (Lee Pace) to make a choice that puts him in conflict with the Foundation.

This episode demonstrates Apple TV Plus exercising its powers as the crap starts to hit the fan. Apple TV Plus has one of the greatest TV programmes for lovers of heavy sci-fi on its hands. To predict where all of this is headed, you would need to be even cleverer than Hari Seldon (Jared Harris).



Foundation Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Day supervises the televised beheading of Poly (Kulvinder Ghir) and Constant (Isabella Laughland) using a monstrous beheading collar while in a theatrical mood. However, something in the observing cosmos seems to be sparked by Constant’s heartfelt pre-death prayer.

Hober Mallow (Dimitri Leonidas) arrives in his whisper spacecraft and activates Becky the Bishop’s Claw on Day before Day can finish carrying out Constant’s punishment. Unfortunately, Becky is shot down before she can brutally destroy Day, but Hober and Constant are able to escape in the spacecraft.

Brother Day (Cassian Bilton) declines Brother Dusk’s (Terrence Mann) request for a military response and instead promises to go to Terminus to “look the ghost of Seldon in the eye,” leaving Brother Dawn (Cassian Bilton) in command. Despite Day’s scepticism, Poly continues to believe in the Church of Seldon as they journey.

On the whisper ship, Constant offers to have Hober and the couple sleep together in a wonderfully unflappable situation. They are then quickly taken prisoner by Bel Riose (Ben Daniels), who doesn’t even let them put their clothing back on. Riose’s allegiances are still unclear at this time.

Constant and Hober’s relationship has been a constant source of happiness throughout this season, so we hope that this is not the end for them. The strongest performance from Laughland so far this week combined strong emotion with a tonne of fun comedic relief. If executions were this enjoyable all the time.

Tellem Bond (Rachel House), who admits to murdering Hari and imprisoning Salvor, is approached by Gaal on Ignis. Gaal has been imprisoned in an underground chamber with puzzle dishes adjusted to null out her telepathic pitch, Tellem then says.

Salvor, who is also confined to a similar chamber, becomes aware that she is carrying a Prime Radiant. In order to show him that he is essentially the “left hand” kept in the dark about things, she utilises this to project herself into the version of Seldon who is in the Vault on Terminus. She asserts that the maths is unimportant since Gaal is in danger, despite his protestations that she must keep everything from him for the purpose of The Plan.

She assures him that “Hober Mallow will pierce the Empire’s hide” as he assists her in escaping after helping her figure out the riddle of the psychic suppressants. As a result, he leaves the note regarding Hober on the Vault that we first saw in Foundation season 2 episode 2 on the vault.

Gaal is being held to a stone table by Tellem in the meantime. The girls are still there, in a setting akin to the Sunken Place from Get Out, while she discloses that she has been strengthening her abilities by injecting her awareness into the minds of younger women every time she ages. Gaal has been chosen as her upcoming vessel.

Although Ignis experienced a calmer week than usual, the stage has been prepared for a confrontation between Gaal, Salvor, and the Mentalics. Will they unite in opposition to The Mule’s threat, and will Tellem Bond attempt to spend a week without killing anyone? All of these are significant queries.

Rue (Sandra Yi Sencindiver), who has broken into Demerzel’s (Laura Birn) residence, is alarmed by Dusk. When questioned about Demerzel’s true purpose, he uses a stock response, which they both see as a sign that his cloned brain is acting strangely. This directs them to an enigmatic piece of art that hides a secret door.

In the meantime, Queen Sareth (Ella-Rae Smith) met with Dawn in private while Day was away. After they have a sexual encounter and he consents to reverse his fertility, Sareth advises that they just kill all of the Cleon embryos that are still in the Principium. When Sareth asks who programmed Demerzel for this duty, Dawn claims that Demerzel would never allow it to happen, but she soon realises that he is in danger.

When Dusk and Rue discover themselves in a hidden room, Cleon I emerges as a hologram and informs them that the space has had numerous purposes throughout the years but was initially intended as a jail. The Cleons are all “puppets,” Dawn and Sareth realise, and Dawn confesses “Demerzel is Cleon’s only true heir… his forever Empress”.