Forza Motorsport Unveils Patch Notes for Major November Update!


Turn 10 Studios, the developer behind Forza Motorsport, has been diligently addressing player feedback since the game’s launch on October 10, 2023. Following the initial Update 1, which brought a slew of progression and stability enhancements, along with graphical, multiplayer, and accessibility tweaks across all platforms, a subsequent hotfix was rolled out on October 24 to further refine the experience. Now, armed with fresh user-reported concerns, players can anticipate a substantial wave of changes slated for the upcoming Update 2.

Looking ahead to Update 2, Turn 10 Studios is undertaking a comprehensive array of fixes, targeting various facets of gameplay. These adjustments encompass gameplay stability, improvements to the Livery Editor, enhancements in multiplayer functionalities, as well as refinements to car-related aspects, among others. Notably, stability remains an ongoing priority for the developer, with assurances from Turn 10 Studios that additional enhancements are in the pipeline beyond Update 2.

Furthermore, an issue involving an infinite loading screen encountered during a Quick Upgrade in the Builders Cup is currently under investigation. Although this concern was initially addressed in the 1.1 hotfix, some players are still grappling with it. These rectifications will form a significant part of the sweeping changes set to be implemented with Update 2, as Turn 10 Studios sets its sights on implementing over 200 fixes.


Update 2 is poised to introduce quality-of-life enhancements along with the addition of the new Yas Marina track. While details about this fresh location are currently scant, it signals the commencement of Turn 10 Studios’ commitment to delivering monthly content updates for Forza Motorsport. Players can anticipate an array of new tracks to race on, engaging live events to participate in, Featured Tours to conquer, and an expanded array of multiplayer features to explore in the game.

As Turn 10 Studios remains dedicated to refining gameplay elements and expanding the roster of cars in Forza Motorsport, players are encouraged to turn their attention to the Troubleshooting Hub for comprehensive information on known issues. Numerous bugs and glitches have been reported by players, and it’s likely that some of these issues will be resolved with the advent of Update 2. Fans of Forza Motorsport can look forward to the influx of new content and bug fixes slated for arrival in mid-November 2023.