Fortnite Reintroduces Iconic Skin After Four-Year Absence


Fortnite has recently reintroduced the original Black Widow skin just before the culmination of Season OG. Since its early access release in 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale, developed by Epic Games, has continuously incorporated cosmetic items into the game. As the game surged in popularity, the assortment of skins expanded, offering players a wide array of choices. While certain skins frequently appear in the Item Shop, others are exceedingly rare sightings.

The Item Shop undergoes a refresh every day at 7 PM ET, presenting gamers with new options. Despite the considerable growth of the Item Shop in recent years, the available tabs remain quite limited compared to the extensive collection of cosmetic items released. Consequently, certain skins have attained a coveted status within the Fortnite community due to their scarcity.

On November 28, during the latest Item Shop refresh, fans were taken aback to find the highly sought-after original Black Widow skin making a return. This reappearance marked a staggering 1,668 days since its last appearance, which spans over four and a half years. The skin was last available on May 6, 2019, during the concluding phases of Chapter 1 Season 8.


Upon its return, both the Black Widow skin and its accompanying emote, the Widow’s Pirouette, were made available. However, noticeably absent was the Widow’s Bite pickaxe, prompting speculation among players. Drawing a comparison to the Skull Trooper’s return to the Item Shop, which resulted in discontent among some players due to the perceived devaluation of their rare OG items, Epic Games introduced a unique purple style exclusively for early purchasers. To potentially avert a similar scenario with the Black Widow skin, it’s plausible that Epic Games opted not to release the entire set.

With the launch of Fortnite Season OG, Epic Games unveiled the OG Shop, hinting at the inclusion of “classic, mashup, and fresh items.” The ambiguous wording of the OG Shop’s announcement led players to believe that some items introduced in this season’s shop might be OG Shop timed exclusives, indicating a prolonged absence from the game. Consequently, this reappearance of the Black Widow cosmetic items, originally exclusive to Chapter 1, might represent a limited opportunity for players to acquire them for the foreseeable future.