Fortnite Leak Unveils Insights Into Upcoming Battle Pass!


Fortnite’s upcoming season is set to bring about significant changes, including a major overhaul of the Battle Pass. Fans will bid farewell to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 and welcome back the beloved Chapter 1 map for the highly anticipated release of the Fortnite OG season. It’s been years since the original Fortnite map was replaced, and since then, fans have held onto hope for its return. Now, it seems that their wishes are about to be granted.

On November 3rd, players can anticipate a return to the iconic first Fortnite island, Athena. This OG island was among the initial fan creations to be unveiled with the launch of UEFN (Creative 2.0) in March, earning it a special place in the hearts of the Fortnite community. For many fans, there’s a deep sense of nostalgia associated with Chapter 1.

The prospect of revisiting the Athena island along with some long-vaulted Fortnite mechanics and items has brought immense joy to many fans. However, leaks suggest that even an aspect of the game that is typically left untouched will undergo significant alterations. According to reputable leaker iFireMonkey, the upcoming Fortnite Battle Pass for the next season will be a departure from the norm, offering at least half the usual number of rewards.


If these leaks hold true, this upcoming Fortnite season won’t be considered an entirely new one; instead, it will be a distinct time-limited event called Fortnite OG. The Fortnite OG pass will feature 50 rewards instead of the customary 100, and there won’t be a bonus skin included. Fortunately, the Bonus Rewards tab will still be accessible, allowing gamers to unlock additional styles for the Battle Pass skins.

Some players had expected a return to the Tiers system, a familiar feature from Chapter 1, where players earned tiers through Weekly and Daily quests and by leveling up their Fortnite accounts. Nowadays, players primarily increase their season level by accumulating more XP, and with each level, they acquire more Battle Stars that can be freely spent on the Battle Pass. The leaks suggest that the OG pass will continue to utilize the current Battle Stars system first introduced back in Chapter 2 Season 7.