Fortnite Enthusiasts Advocate for Changes to a Classic OG Season Feature, Citing Fan Concerns


To adhere to the original Fortnite theme, the Item Shop underwent a transformation reminiscent of Chapter 1. Despite this nostalgic shift, a segment of the fan base argues that this model has become outdated. For a limited period, Fortnite embraced a journey back in time, granting fans the opportunity to relish the Chapter 1 map and item pool. This temporal excursion is scheduled to conclude at the outset of December, after which the game is anticipated to revert to its conventional Chapters-and-Seasons structure, marking the commencement of Chapter 5 Season 1.

In addition to alterations in the island and weaponry, Epic Games introduced changes to the game’s mechanics. Although Season OG has garnered widespread acclaim, not every aspect or gameplay mechanic from that era surpassed Chapter 4’s counterparts. Notably, the exclusion of swimming in Fortnite Season OG resulted in regrettable early-game fatalities that were entirely preventable. Returning players may not be as perturbed by these changes, as their familiarity with the game’s state before Season OG is limited, rendering them unaware of what they might be missing.

The introduction of the OG Shop coincided with the release of Season OG, constituting another feature that has left players somewhat dissatisfied. While the nostalgic visual appeal of the Item Shop mirroring its Chapter 1 counterpart is acknowledged, the OG Shop comes with inherent limitations. It features only one page housing a handful of cosmetic items. Furthermore, the available items rotate every 24 hours, necessitating players to make swift purchase decisions to avoid potential indefinite unavailability. Given its compact nature, certain items are bundled together and cannot be individually purchased, compelling some fans to forego acquiring a cosmetic they would otherwise choose.


With the absence of the Special Items & Bundles tab in the Item Shop, the OG Shop presents an additional hurdle for players seeking access to real money packs like Fortnite’s Infinite Drift Pack.

Despite Season OG’s undeniable success, boasting record-breaking player counts in both Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World, not everyone harbors a positive sentiment toward Chapter 1. Some players, whether recent additions or OG enthusiasts, find themselves discontent with the changes and are inclined to steer clear of Battle Royale’s roots. Fortunately for this demographic, Season OG is slated to be a transient experience, providing reassurance that the departure from the current gaming landscape will be temporary.