Fortnite Brings Back Original Mobility Item from the Vault


The Grappler, a favored item among Fortnite players, made a return to the game, replacing its icy variant in the Winterfest event. This annual Fortnite celebration, highly anticipated by gamers, finally kicked off on December 14, delivering a wave of festive-themed content and activities.

However, just after its release, an unexpected snag occurred with the newly introduced Icy Grappler. Epic Games swiftly removed this icy version due to an unforeseen problem. According to official statements from Fortnite’s Twitter account, the Icy Grappler caused players to move at excessive speeds, causing matches to crash. As a solution, the regular Grappler item was reinstated, allowing players to continue experiencing its mobility benefits.

The reinstated Grappler isn’t a permanent addition. It’s set to remain available only until the Winterfest event concludes on January 2, 2024. Its future availability beyond this event remains uncertain, leaving players curious about its potential long-term presence in Fortnite’s loot pool. Given the scarcity of mobility items in the game this season, many players appreciate having reliable tools for moving around the island hassle-free.

Comparatively, the exotic Icy Grappler, although slippery, allowed unlimited usage without depletion. In contrast, the standard Grappler can only be used ten times before vanishing from a player’s inventory. Once exhausted, players must scout for another Grappler if they wish to continue utilizing its benefits.

Fortnite enthusiasts are eagerly observing Epic Games’ decisions on these iconic items and how they shape the gameplay experience during the Winterfest event and potentially beyond.

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