Former U.S. Court of Appeals judge once opposed Trump’s impeachment, now wants Trump kicked off ballot


The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday barred Donald Trump from participating in the state’s ballot for 2024 presidential elections under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits people who “have engaged in insurrection or rebellion” from holding political office. This verdict has gained traction in some legal circles in recent months thanks in part to the work of J. Michael Luttig, a former judge of U.S. Court of Appeals and a prominent conservative legal scholar, who, together with Laurence Tribe, professor of liberal law, promoted the idea of 14th Amendment disqualifies the former president from seeking a second term.

This is not the first time that Luttig has been involved over the debate on Trump’s eligibility in the office. Post the riots on January 6 at the Capitol, Luttig published an op-ed in The Washington Post, which argued that the Constitution prohibits Congress from impeaching a president once he or she has left office. Luttig’s op-ed found an eager audience on Capitol Hill, where several Republicans pointed it out as his reason for opposing Trump’s impeachment.