Former federal judge says disqualifying Donald Trump from ballot is not anti-democratic as per Constitution


Conservative former federal judge J. Michael Luttig denied allegations that the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling disqualifying former president Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot was a political choice.

The Colorado court’s decision made history as for the first time a court has ruled that the former president disqualified himself from the ballot for second term after attempting to overturn the 2020 elections.

On Saturday, in an interview with MSNBS, host Ali Velshi questioned the former judge regarding the concerns that disqualifying the 2024 Republican frontrunner is anti-democratic, even if it complies with the laws of U.S.


Luttig criticized the media outlets and politicians for taking up the argument as he explained that it is the constitution itself which says that that disqualification is not anti-democratic. He added that it is rather the conduct that can give rise to disqualification.

“Namely, an insurrection or rebellion that is anti-democratic. To me, that’s about as clear as any document or Constitution could make that point,” Luttig said.