Forest fires burn in nearly half of Mexico’s drought-stricken states, fuelled by strong winds


Forest fires were burning in nearly half of Mexico’s drought-stricken states Monday fuelled by strong winds. The National Forestry Commission reported 58 active fires in 15 states, including in protected nature reserves in Morelos, Veracruz and Mexico states. A preliminary estimate of the affected area reached more than 3,500 acres (1,421 hectares), the commission wrote on the social platform X.  Authorities had reported no injuries, but at least some homes were burned at a wildfire in Nogales, Veracruz Monday.

A fire burned across mountain farms, killing livestock and charring homes. At least five families were moved to a shelter. Firefighters battled with a water tanker while residents slapped at flames in their fields with branches. Alondra Chávez a Nogales resident was among those fighting the flames. “The wind is beating us and we do what we can,” Chávez said. Catalina Villafuerte, a resident of Aserradero Maltrata, a nearby community battling another fire, said “Everything is destroyed, the machines to work, beds, mattresses, everything.”