For All Mankind Season 5: ‘For All Mankind’ Writers Yet to Begin Season 5 Work


“For All Mankind” is on the brink of releasing its fourth season on Apple TV+. However, co-creators and writers Ben Nedivi and Matt Wolpert are facing a slight hurdle in commencing pre-production for Season 5. The show has yet to receive an official greenlight for a fifth season, which has prevented the usual writers’ room process from kicking off. This information was shared by Nedivi in an exclusive interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub. He explained that due to a four-month-long strike by the Writers’ Guild of America, the expedited writers’ room process commonly employed by streaming series to facilitate swift production was not possible this year.

Nedivi pointed out that this marks the first time the show will premiere without a pre-production schedule already in place for the following season. Despite this, he remains hopeful that not only will the show be officially renewed, but they can swiftly set things in motion to minimize any gap in its presence on our screens.

“This is the first time in the history of the show where the show is premiering without us really starting a room for Season 5. So not only do we not have an official pickup, we haven’t even started the room yet. In a way, I think that’s because of the strike. I think we had to hold off, and I think it was the right move, and hopefully, we can get that pickup and continue to tell the story,” said Nedivi.


He emphasized that this delay is not viewed negatively, highlighting the necessity of the strike to maintain the integrity of the writing process and to ensure fair compensation for those participating. Nedivi also noted that audiences are now more informed about such industry events and are likely to be understanding if faced with a delay in broadcasting.

“The thing that happened with the strike was necessary. It had to happen, and there are consequences of those things, you know? So, I think you’re right; it affected almost every show, and I think audiences now are a little more forgiving,” he stated. “I think people are a little more engaged now. They know what happened with the writers’ strike and the SAG strike. I think there’s an understanding now that there will be delays on certain shows not coming back as quickly as they did, that it won’t be the same. So, I think in this next year, I think people understand why there are those delays.”

“For All Mankind” Season 4 is set to premiere on November 4 on AppleTV+, with subsequent episodes releasing weekly on Fridays.