Florida Gov. DeSantis argues Trump and Biden’s age being too old for presidency


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Sunday that presidency is “not a job for someone that is pushing 80.” His comment was referred to  both 77-year-old former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, who turns 81, on Monday.

DeSantis, 45, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on ‘State of the Union’ that “I just think that that’s something that has been shown with Joe Biden. Father Time is undefeated.” He continued that Trump is no exception from any of that.

The Florida governor argued that he himself is in the prime of his life, while noting that if Trump is to take the office in 2025, he would be older than Biden was at the start of the his term.


Age has become a central theme for the upcoming presidential elections. Trump has been attacking Biden and questioning his mental fitness for office as a core part of his campaign speeches, however, he have had his own share of gaffes and verbal slips on the campaign trails.

As of now, the Democrats are “going very easy” on Trump, claims DeSantis. He insisted that it will change once the former president captures the GOP nomination.