Financial Turbulence Hits Some Space Companies: Momentus, Astra, and Sidus Facing Uncertain Futures

Publicly-Traded Space Firms Running Low on Funds and Facing Delisting, Acquisition, or Bankruptcy Risks


The space sector, having experienced a recent boom-and-bust cycle, sees some publicly-traded companies facing financial challenges and uncertain futures. While several space companies have gone public in recent years, a few are running low on funds and may be at risk of delisting, acquisition, or bankruptcy. Here are three companies facing financial troubles:

1. Momentus:
– Space tug operator Momentus has warned shareholders of financial difficulties and abandoned plans for its next mission.
– Once valued at over $1 billion, Momentus now has a depressed valuation of $7 million, with shares trading near 80 cents.
– The company is at risk of bankruptcy unless it secures a major new backer or buyer in the coming weeks.

2. Astra:
– Astra, involved in rocket launching, has been conducting piecemeal financing rounds as it has been nearly out of cash since October 2022.
– The company’s rocket-launching business has been on hiatus, and its spacecraft business is not driving significant revenue growth.
– Once valued at over $2.5 billion, Astra’s valuation has dropped to under $50 million, and its future is uncertain without a viable funding solution.


3. Sidus Space:
– Sidus Space, a lesser-known space company that went public in late 2021, aims to build its satellite constellation for testing and data platforms.
– Despite its IPO valuation of nearly $200 million, Sidus has seen minimal revenue growth and increasing annual net losses.
– The company, with less than $2 million in cash at the end of September, performed a 1-for-100 reverse stock split to comply with Nasdaq listing rules.

While these companies face financial challenges, the overall space sector continues to attract private market interest. Investment in the space sector rebounded in 2023, reaching $12.5 billion. Despite the struggles of some public space companies, the industry’s fallout has not been as severe as initially forecast. Many space stocks, while below their IPO levels, are not facing imminent financial crises.

In addition to Momentus, Astra, and Sidus, satellite imagery company Satellogic is also highlighted as facing financial uncertainty. Overall, the space sector’s health remains mixed, with ongoing challenges for some companies despite sustained interest from investors.