Fengshui Insights: Business Outlook for the Year of the Dragon

Sectors Set to Soar and Those Facing Challenges in 2024


As millions of people worldwide usher in the Year of the Dragon with celebrations, businesses are looking to fengshui insights to gain guidance on what lies ahead in the coming year. Maybank Investment’s fengshui report for 2024, authored by head of research Thilan Wickramasinghe and fengshui master Ken Koh, delves into the sectoral predictions for the year, shedding light on potential winners and challenges.

The “Wood Dragon” Year: A Unique Landscape

2024, being the year of the wood dragon, heralds a unique period characterized by the dominance of “yang” energies, symbolizing masculine, daring, and far-reaching decisions. This auspicious start marks the commencement of a new 20-year fengshui cycle, with the fire element taking precedence. Sectors aligned with fire, such as technology, artificial intelligence, energy, and medicine, are poised to benefit significantly from this energetic shift. Fire, symbolizing economic activity, confidence, and optimism, is expected to fuel growth in these industries right from the outset.


Sectors on Fire: Technology, Medicine, and More

Maybank anticipates sectors such as technology, medicine, entertainment, travel, and insurance to shine brightly in the year ahead, driven by the fire element’s influence. The report projects a wave of hope and confidence in the stock market and equities from June 2024 onwards, stimulating activities like mergers, acquisitions, and initial public offerings.

Earth, Metal, and Fire: Flourishing Synergy

Industries associated with the earth element, including waste management, real estate, data warehousing, and urban farming, are also poised for success, buoyed by the fire element’s dominance. These sectors have demonstrated resilience and are expected to continue expanding, supported by easing interest rates and good fiscal management. Meanwhile, metal element industries like banking, engineering, mining, and automotive will see prosperity, particularly in the latter half of the year.

Challenges for Water and Wood Elements

While sectors aligned with earth, metal, and fire elements flourish, industries under the water and wood elements may face hurdles. Businesses associated with water, such as shipping, airlines, cruise operators, and theme parks, could encounter challenges due to changing consumer demands and logistical issues. Conversely, wood element industries, including education and fund management, may struggle amidst the dominant influence of fire, earth, and metal elements. Despite this, opportunities exist for those equipped to navigate the competitive landscape with agility and resourcefulness.

Conclusion: Navigating the Energies of Change

The Year of the Dragon promises both opportunities and challenges across various sectors, driven by the interplay of elemental energies. Businesses are advised to leverage favorable conditions, adapt to changing dynamics, and focus on strategic initiatives to thrive amidst the evolving landscape. With careful planning and proactive measures, businesses can harness the energies of change and steer towards success in 2024 and beyond.