FBI Season 6: Latest Updates That You Shouldn’t Miss!


The FBI franchise started with a single procedural drama series and has since expanded to include several offshoots, creating a unique universe that has been on air since 2018. Praised for its gripping crime dramas, the show has garnered a dedicated fanbase, in part due to its acclaimed cast, including Missy Peregrym and Jeremy Sisto.

Drawing inspiration from shows like Law & Order and NCIS, the FBI follows a team of special agents in New York dedicated to investigating complex crime cases with compelling storytelling on a weekly basis. The announcement of its sixth season renewal brought much excitement among fans, eager to see the new cases it would tackle.

However, this enthusiasm has been dampened by frustration caused by disruptions in the fall schedule, attributed to the recently concluded WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that began in May 2023. These strikes affected production schedules for several popular shows on the official network, including FBI season 6. Unfortunately, the new season is not premiering as originally expected.



FBI Season 6: Is There Any Latest Update?

The renewal for FBI season 6 was confirmed by CBS in early 2022, during the fourth season’s airing. Despite this early announcement, the production schedule has been indefinitely postponed, leading to a delay in the season 6 premiere. This delay sparked concerns among fans about a potential cancellation, but as of now, there is no official confirmation of that.

With the strikes now concluded after nearly five months, production for FBI season 6 is expected to resume. However, it’s important to acknowledge that it will take some time for things to return to normal. Writing and production will also require a significant amount of time. As a result, the first episode is anticipated to premiere on CBS in late 2024 or early 2025. Currently, NCIS: Sydney is the only confirmed crime procedural drama to air according to CBS’s original fall schedule for 2023-2024.