Fans bash Cardi B for not knowing designer’s name at Met Gala 2024


As the 2024 Met Gala unfolded in grandeur upon the iconic steps of the MET museum on Monday, May 6, all eyes were on rapper Cardi B as she made her grand entrance, leaving spectators in awe with her striking ensemble. Draped in a custom black gown, she commanded attention, her regal presence accentuated by an entourage of nine men. However, while Cardi B’s voluminous dress dominated the entirety of the red carpet, it was her omission of the designer’s name that left many visibly unimpressed.

In a brief interview with Emma Chamberlain for Vogue, Cardi B stumbled when questioned about the designer responsible for her breathtaking attire, addressing them simply as “an Asian individual.” The video of this encounter swiftly circulated online, drawing sharp criticism from netizens who were quick to condemn the Grammy-winning singer for her apparent ignorance.

This misstep marked a departure from Cardi B’s previous Met Gala appearances, where she consistently turned heads with her show-stopping looks since 2018. Yet, in her bid to maintain her iconic status, she seemingly overlooked the importance of acknowledging the creative minds behind her extravagant attire.


Furthermore, Cardi B candidly commented on the weight of her dress during the interview, revealing that its substantial heft had left her feeling nauseous. As she spoke, her entourage patiently lingered in the background, a testament to the physical toll of her sartorial splendor.

The custom creation that caused such a stir was crafted by Windowsen, the label owned by Chinese designer Sensen Lii, renowned for his avant-garde flair and fusion of fashion and theatrical elements. Lii’s interpretation of the Met Gala theme, “Garden of Time,” was embodied in Cardi B’s flowing black gown, symbolizing the fertile, expansive black soil essential for the growth of flowers. Reports indicate that the intricate masterpiece took two months to meticulously assemble.

While the designer’s reaction to Cardi B’s oversight remains unknown, fans wasted no time in expressing their dismay, flooding the comments section of Vogue’s YouTube video with scathing critiques. Many lamented the rapper’s failure to remember Sensen Lii’s name and denounced her attempt to describe him solely by his race. Some even went as far as questioning whether designers should reconsider showcasing their creations on her in future galas, citing her perceived lack of appreciation for their efforts.

In essence, Cardi B’s inadvertent snub served as a poignant reminder of the importance of acknowledging and honoring the artistic visionaries behind the glamour of events like the Met Gala.