‘Fallout’: Vault 31 explained


The Fallout TV series certainly takes some inspiration from the Fallout 3 game, particularly in its premise of a young vault dweller venturing into the wasteland in search of a missing family member. However, the show’s narrative quickly diverges into its own original adventure, offering fans a fresh storyline to explore.

Vault 33, initially appearing as a seemingly normal vault, is gradually revealed to be intricately linked with two other vaults, Vault 31 and Vault 32, forming a complex network aimed at resource-sharing. Interestingly, individuals from different vaults can even apply to marry each other if they are unable to find suitable partners within their own community, adding a layer of social dynamics to the vault system.

As Lucy embarks on her journey to locate her kidnapped father, Hank, her brother Norm uncovers disturbing truths about Vault 31. Inside Vault 31, Norm encounters an unusual character known as the Brain-on-a-Roomba, later revealed to be Bud Askins, a Vault-Tec executive tasked with safeguarding the vault’s secrets. It’s revealed that all inhabitants of Vault 31 are loyal Vault-Tec employees who have been cryogenically frozen, part of a grand scheme to manipulate and control the post-apocalyptic society.


The revelation that Hank, formerly known as Henry, originates from Vault 31 adds a compelling layer to his character. Flashbacks depict him as an assistant executive nervously interacting with Cooper, suggesting his involvement in Vault-Tec’s sinister plans. Hank’s past actions, including his willingness to sacrifice Lucy’s mother for the survival of Vault 33, further deepen the intrigue surrounding his character and his connections to Vault-Tec’s schemes.