Fallout 76: Whitespring Refuge Location


The release of the Fallout TV show has sparked a resurgence of interest in Fallout 76, drawing in both new players and returning Vault Dwellers eager to explore the irradiated wasteland of Appalachia. For those venturing into this desolate yet captivating world for the first time, there are notable differences from the mainline series to navigate. Even seasoned players will find themselves surprised by the plethora of new content introduced through years of updates.

One of the most enticing features introduced later on in Fallout 76 is Expeditions. These expeditions offer players the opportunity to venture beyond the familiar country roads of West Virginia to explore new locales such as The Pitt and Atlantic City. Completing missions in these areas rewards players with unique loot and encounters with previously unseen creatures. However, accessing these expeditions isn’t as straightforward as one might hope.

To embark on an expedition, players must first locate the Whitespring Refuge, a hidden location not initially marked on the map. The easiest way to begin this questline is by visiting one of the numerous train stations scattered throughout Appalachia. These stations serve as oases amidst the wasteland, offering respite and opportunities for quests. Interacting with a Responder poster found at a train station triggers the “Responders Reborn” quest, marking the Whitespring Refuge on the map.


The Whitespring Refuge, nestled southeast of Vault 76, stands as a pre-war resort remarkably preserved amid the desolation. Acting as a merchant hub for various factions in the area, it serves as the gateway to accessing the Vertibird, a crucial means of transportation to reach The Pitt and Atlantic City. Players must earn the trust of the Responders by completing three of their daily quests, paving the way for access to the Vertibird stationed on the resort’s roof.

Once trust is earned and access to the Vertibird is granted, players can journey to The Pitt and Atlantic City by selecting the Vertibird option on the map screen. This marks the beginning of thrilling expeditions into uncharted territory, where new challenges and adventures await.

As players delve deeper into the ever-expanding world of Fallout 76, the addition of expeditions and new content ensures that there’s always something fresh and exciting to discover in the wasteland. Whether forging alliances, battling formidable foes, or unraveling the mysteries of post-apocalyptic Appalachia, the journey promises to be as thrilling as it is unpredictable.