Exquisite Stained Glass Window Inspired by Animal Crossing’s Fauna Captivates with its Beauty!


An imaginative Animal Crossing enthusiast recently showcased their creative prowess by crafting a stunning piece of stained-glass artwork inspired by the charming villager Fauna. This artistic endeavor, shared by Reddit user aerojb, was meticulously designed as a wedding gift for a friend who holds a deep affection for the endearing deer character. Fauna, a beloved villager introduced in New Leaf and featured in New Horizons, is depicted in the stained glass with captivating detail, capturing her love for reading and affinity for nature.

The Reddit post featuring aerojb’s exquisite creation has garnered substantial admiration, accumulating over 1,000 upvotes from fellow gamers. Enthusiastic fans have described the artwork as stunning, lovely, and a testament to aerojb’s undeniable talent. The reception even extended to inquiries about where one might find friends with such artistic generosity.

This isn’t the only instance of gamers channeling their creativity into Animal Crossing-inspired stained glass art. Another artist, identified as jennybead, shared a captivating piece featuring the franchise’s iconic leaf logo. Crafted with precision and a keen eye for detail, the stained-glass leaf boasts two vibrant shades of green, enhancing its visual appeal. Jennybead proudly emphasized the handmade nature of the artwork, showcasing its beautiful reflection in the images shared. From the intricate lines running through the leaf to the small hole at the bottom, this piece exemplifies the dedication and artistic prowess within the Animal Crossing community.


These delightful artworks not only pay homage to the beloved franchise but also underscore the immense talent and passion of the Animal Crossing community. Through stained glass, these fans bring the virtual world of Animal Crossing into the tangible realm, offering visual treats for those who share their love for the series.