Exploring Sherri Shepherd’s Complex Journey Through Two Difficult Divorces!


Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” has experienced the complexities of marriage and faced challenging legal battles post-divorce with both of her ex-husbands, Jeff Tarpley and Lamar Sally.

Her first marriage to actor Jeff Tarpley ended amid allegations of infidelity on Tarpley’s part. Shepherd filed for divorce after discovering evidence that Tarpley had been unfaithful and impregnated another woman while they were married. They have a son together named Jeffrey, and following their split, a custody battle ensued. Tarpley accused Shepherd of neglecting their son, claiming she worked excessively and relied heavily on nannies, affecting their son’s well-being. However, Shepherd refuted these claims, asserting that Tarpley was an absentee father. Ultimately, Shepherd was granted full custody of Jeffrey.

Her second marriage to television writer Lamar Sally also ended in divorce after three years. Their separation involved a surrogacy situation where Shepherd, despite not being biologically related to the child, was entangled in legal matters concerning the child’s birth certificate and child support payments. Initially, Shepherd tried to have her name removed from the birth certificate but was unsuccessful in court. She was eventually ordered to pay child support.


Following their divorce, Sally sought increased child support payments due to Shepherd’s rising income. However, a California court denied his request, citing that Shepherd was already paying more than the required amount in New Jersey, where she lives. Despite being the child’s legal guardian, Shepherd chose not to be involved in raising the child, deciding it would be better for the child if two parents who weren’t getting along didn’t try to co-parent.

Throughout these legal battles and divorces, Sherri Shepherd has prioritized her son’s well-being and has aimed to shield him from the conflicts between her and her ex-husbands, ensuring he has a positive relationship with both fathers despite the legal disputes.