Exploration Unveils Intriguing Discovery: Starfield Player Encounters Fascinating Location on Mars


In Starfield, the Red Planet is one of the initial locations players explore, and while some criticize the procedural generation, it occasionally generates intriguing alien environments. Unique landscapes, like Muphrid I with distinct textures, stand out. However, discovering Planet Traits, such as unique geographical features, often leaves a lasting impression on players exploring the Settled Systems.

Planet Traits are essential for completing surveys, earning players extra credits at the start of each playthrough. Despite the diminishing usefulness of selling survey data, encountering distinctive geographical features still evokes a sense of wonder. Some players even stumbled upon landmarks resembling Solitude, the capital city of Skyrim, in unexpected locations.

Recently, a Starfield player, HeftyPackage, discovered an eerie boneyard with desiccated bones on Mars, a landmark seen by multiple players suggesting its intended appearance by Bethesda rather than pure procedural generation. The discovery also included human-like skulls embedded in rock formations, sparking curiosity that Starfield may not answer.


Starfield’s mixed Steam rating with only 40% positive reviews in the last 30 days indicates criticism, but fans find potential in its foundational aspects. The upcoming release of official modding tools and the Creations platform in early 2024 is anticipated to address community concerns promptly.

Furthermore, the first expansion, Shattered Space, set to launch in early 2024, has stirred speculation around House Va’ruun, a mysterious power in the Settled Systems with a minor presence in the base game. Some fans speculate a possible link between the boneyard’s serpentine skeleton and House Va’ruun, although Bethesda remains tight-lipped about specific details for the expansion.