Explaining the celebratory Duke’s Mayo Bowl condiment dump


The Duke’s Mayo Bowl, formerly known by different names such as the Continental Tire Bowl, the Meineke Car Care Bowl, and the Belk Bowl, gained popularity for its unique post-game celebration tradition introduced after Duke’s took over as the sponsor in 2021. The winning coach at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl receives a special celebration: a 4.5-gallon dump of mayonnaise over their head. This rather unusual and quirky tradition has attracted attention and has become a beloved part of the college football bowl season.

Coaches who have won the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in recent years have been subjected to this mayo bath celebration. For instance, Maryland’s Mike Locksley experienced this mayo dump following a win. This celebration has become somewhat iconic for the bowl game, creating anticipation and curiosity about whether each winning coach will accept the mayo bath.

Even though some coaches may not particularly enjoy mayonnaise, like West Virginia’s Neal Brown, who openly expressed his dislike for it, they have indicated their willingness to embrace the tradition if their team wins the bowl game. In Brown’s case, despite his aversion to mayo, he stated that he would still accept the mayo dump in celebration of a West Virginia victory.


Moreover, the Duke’s Mayo Bowl organizes a contest to select the “Official Mayo Dumpers,” individuals who will participate in dumping the mayo on the winning coach. The selection process involves a combine held before the bowl game, where finalists chosen from weekly social media challenges compete for this special role.

Despite initial hesitations and concerns about mayonnaise on the field, the Duke’s Mayo Bowl has become a fun and entertaining event in the college football postseason, known for its unique celebration that involves dumping mayonnaise on the winning coach as part of the post-game festivities.


Year Matchup Winning coach
2020 Wisconsin 42, Wake Forest 28 Paul Chryst
2021 South Carolina 38, North Carolina 21 Shane Beamer
2022 Maryland 16, NC State 12 Mike Locksley