Exes Cardi B and Offset to battle over who pulls more crowd as they perform at the same venue at New Year’s Eve


Warring exes Cardi B and Offset will battle over who draws the biggest crowd when they perform on the New Year’s Eve in Miami, in the same hotel, at the same time.

Both rappers are scheduled to play the hip Fontainebleau, and it has been reported that the booking went down before their relationship blew up.

Cardi B confirmed that she and Offset have broken up following the allegations of unfaithfulness on the latter’s side, which he has apparently denied.


The WAP singer has said she is not interested in finding out the truth. “I don’t care to find out because I’ve been single for a minute now.”

Cardi is expected to perform with DJ Gryffin at the hotel’s luxe pool. As per the spot’s site, the tickets are “ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 stage-front cabanas for larger groups.”

Meanwhile, Offset will be performing at the hotel’s hot club, LIV, where tickets are going from $125 up to $15,000.

On Friday, Cardi went on an expletive-filled rant while crying on social media accusing Offset of “doing me dirty,” after she claimed of helping him promote his latest album.