Exciting News: GOG Welcomes Two PlayStation Games to Its Library!


Two highly popular first-party PlayStation games, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection and God of War, are set to make their way to the GOG storefront in the near future. While GOG may not be as instantly recognizable as some other platforms, it has garnered a substantial following among PC gamers for its extensive catalog of noteworthy titles. GOG also often features free giveaways, with games like Jazz Jackrabbit 2 being offered in the past. Now, it’s poised to welcome two major PlayStation titles.

This isn’t the first time GOG has featured first-party PlayStation titles. The platform already offers Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition, both of which are currently available at discounted prices. While Days Gone received mixed reviews, Horizon has become one of Sony’s most beloved franchises, with both Zero Dawn and Forbidden West receiving Game of the Year nominations. With the addition of Uncharted and God of War, GOG is further solidifying its position as a platform for top-tier gaming experiences.

The recent update to GOG’s storefront showcases listings for the PC versions of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection and God of War, both labeled as “Coming soon.” These games now have dedicated pages within the storefront, although specific release dates for their availability on the platform have yet to be disclosed. Uncharted and God of War will join Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition as part of Sony’s offerings on the online distribution platform.


This move is in line with Sony’s increased efforts to bring its first-party games to PC. While many first-party PlayStation titles initially have console exclusivity, some have eventually made their way to platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store. Earlier this year, The Last of Us Part 1 was officially released on Steam, marking a significant milestone for the Sony franchise’s debut on PC.

With the addition of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection and God of War on GOG, Sony continues to demonstrate its commitment to the PC platform. As the release of highly anticipated games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 garners universal acclaim, and with a lineup of major multi-platform titles slated for the holiday season, it’s evident that Sony’s presence in the PC gaming landscape will only grow stronger.