Everything you need to know about Sissy Spacek’s 2 kids


Sissy Spacek, the Oscar-winning actress, finds immense pride and fulfillment in her role as a mother to her two daughters, Schuyler Fisk and Madison Fisk, alongside her husband, Jack Fisk. Here’s an insight into their family life and the paths taken by Sissy’s accomplished daughters.

Sissy Spacek has reflected on motherhood as a profound experience that intensified her appreciation for life. Despite her thriving acting career, she made family a priority, relocating and turning down roles to ensure she was present for her daughter Schuyler. She has emphasized the importance of balancing career and family life, finding a beautiful harmony when they complement each other.

Schuyler Fisk, Sissy’s elder daughter, was born in 1982. Initially resistant to their move away from Hollywood to Virginia, she later appreciated the serene lifestyle it offered. She delved into acting and music, following her passion supported by her parents. Schuyler expressed deep admiration for her parents’ dedication and guidance, but declined the opportunity to portray her mother’s iconic role in a “Carrie” reboot.


Madison Fisk, born in 1988, is an artist like her father. She pursued painting, video art, and sculpture, later delving into jewelry design. Schuyler has fondly reminisced about the day Madison was born, describing her younger sister as a strong, talented, and supportive individual.

Both daughters have carved their own paths in the arts while acknowledging their parents’ support and guidance. Schuyler and Madison hold their family in high regard, expressing gratitude and admiration for their upbringing and the values instilled by their parents.

Sissy Spacek cherishes her role as a mother, and both Schuyler and Madison Fisk have grown into accomplished individuals in their respective artistic pursuits, inspired by their family’s support, love, and values.