Everything We Know About The Montana Boyz


If the name “Montana Boyz” doesn’t ring a bell, their viral lip-syncing videos on TikTok or Instagram might. This social media collective, consisting of Mark Estes, Kaleb Winterburn, and Kade Wilcox, began in 2021 when the three friends posted a fun video that unexpectedly went viral. However, it wasn’t until 2024, spurred by Estes’ publicized romance with reality star and podcaster Kristin Cavallari, that the group truly hit their stride. A video featuring Cavallari garnered 11 million views within three weeks (now nearing 12 million), and another video showcasing a line dance has amassed 17 million views. Despite diversifying their content to include horses, hunting, and humor, they maintain their original formula of lip-syncing to country songs. As of mid-May 2024, the Montana Boyz have 818,000 followers on TikTok, 15 million likes, and over 350,000 Instagram followers.

All three members of the Montana Boyz share a passion for fitness, a trait likely honed during their time as collegiate athletes. Mark Estes, Kaleb Winterburn, and Kade Wilcox met while playing football at Montana Tech University. Estes and Winterburn, who were already friends from their time at Montana State, played as a wide receiver and running back, respectively, while Wilcox played as a defensive back. Their athletic background helped them approach social media with a team mindset. “It’s like we’re a team, and we have two teammates, so we get to work with each other day in and day out,” Estes told OK! Magazine.


A Spontaneous Start During a Drinking Game

The Montana Boyz’ first viral video was a spontaneous creation during a drinking game. “We were just messing around one day playing beer die and we decided to make a quick TikTok together,” Kade Wilcox told E! News. This initial video, posted to Kaleb Winterburn’s account, quickly garnered attention, leading to the creation of an official Montana Boyz TikTok account. Although they initially balanced social media with football and their studies, they committed to producing regular content in early 2023. “I definitely don’t think we were like ‘most likely to be TikTok famous,’ by any means,” Wilcox admitted.


From Montana to Nashville

Despite their Montana roots, the Boyz relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, to immerse themselves in a larger creator community. “Nashville was kind of the closest thing to Montana lifestyle-wise, and obviously country music,” Mark Estes told Page Six. Although the move caused some “culture shock,” it allowed them to connect with other influencers and enhance their content. They frequently visit Montana to stockpile content that reflects their upbringing and passions, including hunting, fishing, and riding horses.


Passionate About Country Music

The Montana Boyz are avid country music fans, often lip-syncing to songs by artists like Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen. They’ve also attended concerts and events, such as the CMT Awards, where they expressed excitement about meeting artists like Cody Johnson and Jelly Roll. Their genuine love for country music and outdoor activities is evident in their content, helping them connect with a broad audience.


Kaleb Winterburn’s Ranching Heritage

Kaleb Winterburn’s ranching background is integral to the group’s identity. His family has been involved in Montana’s ranching industry since the late 1800s, with his grandfather running a ranch since 1969. Winterburn’s expertise in riding and caring for horses adds authenticity to their cowboy persona, making their content more relatable to fans of country living.


Mark Estes and Kristin Cavallari’s Romance

Mark Estes gained significant attention for his relationship with Kristin Cavallari. Their connection began with a direct message on social media, leading to their first date in February 2024. The couple quickly went public with their relationship, despite their 13-year age difference, and have openly discussed their future, including the possibility of having children together.


Kaleb Winterburn and Kade Wilcox Remain Single

While Mark Estes enjoys his relationship with Cavallari, Kaleb Winterburn and Kade Wilcox are in no rush to settle down. Both prioritize their personal goals and appreciate the broader dating opportunities Nashville offers compared to their small-town upbringing. Winterburn has emphasized the importance of not settling down too quickly and exploring life’s possibilities.


Launching Belmont Acres

In addition to their social media success, the Montana Boyz launched a clothing brand, Belmont Acres, in February 2024. The brand, which emphasizes their ranching roots and commitment to wildlife conservation, donates a portion of its proceeds to local ranchers in Montana. Although their initial collection is small, the professional presentation and connection to their lifestyle suggest potential for growth. The Montana Boyz continue to expand their brand through endorsement deals with companies like Levi’s, Celsius, and American Eagle.