Everything We Know About SZA’s Mysterious Love Life


SZA, a prominent figure in the music scene, has captivated audiences with her emotionally charged music, delving into themes of love and heartbreak. Despite the intimacy of her lyrics, the details of her love life have been relatively under wraps.

In 2017, during the success of her album “CTRL,” SZA was asked about her dating life on “The Breakfast Club.” However, she chose to keep her personal life private, stating that she was focusing on self-love and personal growth. Over the years, she has expressed openness to finding love, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in a relationship.

While maintaining a level of privacy, SZA occasionally provides glimpses into her past relationships. In a concert in London in June 2023, she shared a rare insight into a past romance, revealing that an ex-boyfriend had been unfaithful. She even dedicated her song “Nobody Gets Me” to another “trash ex-boyfriend,” explaining in interviews that it was about an ex-fiancé and the challenges they faced.


One ex who stepped into the limelight was rapper Drake. In 2020, Drake released a song with 21 Savage titled “Mr. Right Now,” where he claimed to have dated SZA back in ’08. SZA later clarified on Twitter that it was actually in 2009, adding a lighthearted note about poetic rap license. She shared that their relationship was youthful and not as intense as some might assume. Despite the revelation, there seems to be no animosity between them, as evidenced by their collaboration on the 2023 track “Slime You Out.”

SZA’s love life remains a topic of interest for fans, and while she selectively shares aspects of her past relationships, she continues to prioritize self-discovery and authenticity in her journey towards love.