Everything We Know About Nicole Kidman’s Religious Views


Despite her former marriage to Tom Cruise, who is a prominent Scientologist, Nicole Kidman clarified that she wasn’t a Scientologist herself. She mentioned being raised in a Catholic household and expressed a strong connection to certain aspects of Catholicism, including attending church.

Following her divorce from Cruise, Kidman remarried Keith Urban and had two daughters with him. In a 2019 interview with Vanity Fair, Kidman discussed her commitment to raising her younger daughters in the Catholic faith. She and Urban made a joint decision to practice Catholicism with their children, citing positive memories from Kidman’s upbringing as a Catholic.

Kidman also highlighted her father’s emphasis on tolerance and open-mindedness, reflecting on how these values shaped her view on faith. Despite being raised Catholic, she admitted to constantly questioning her faith, emphasizing the importance of tolerance and understanding.


Regarding her older children, Isabella and Connor Cruise, who are Scientologists like their father, Kidman expressed respect for their choices. She acknowledged their decision to follow Scientology and affirmed her unconditional love for them as their mother. Despite rumors of conflicts in the past due to their different beliefs, Kidman has reiterated her commitment to being there for all her children, prioritizing her role as a mother over religious differences.

While there have been reports suggesting tensions between Kidman and her older children over their differing beliefs, recent statements from Isabella Cruise have contradicted claims of a strained relationship with her mother, emphasizing a strong bond between them.