Everything We Know About Nelly’s Four Kids


Nelly, renowned for clinching three Grammy Awards, securing nine Billboard Awards, and amassing a net worth of $70 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, treasures his most valuable possessions above all else: his children. Born in Texas, the rapper shares a profound connection with his two kids from a past relationship with Channetta Valentine. Their family expanded when they welcomed their first child, daughter Chanelle Haynes, in 1994, followed by son Cornell Haynes III in 1999. After the tragic passing of his sister Jackie Donahue in 2005, Nelly extended his family by becoming the guardian of his niece and nephew, Shawn and Sydney Thomas, empathizing deeply with their emotional ordeal. His heartfelt decision stemmed from his belief in family values, stating, “It’s one of those situations that you don’t think about, it has to happen, that’s what family does,” in an interview with People magazine.

Despite his remarkable achievements in the music industry and an impending arrival of a new baby with his girlfriend Ashanti, Nelly remains vocal about the paramount role of fatherhood in his life. He acknowledges the challenges of balancing his music career with parenting, emphasizing his consistent presence in pivotal moments such as graduations and sporting events. He admits, “I wasn’t like Superman,” highlighting his commitment to being there whenever necessary, even taking on the role of a disciplinarian when needed. However, despite his prolonged presence in the spotlight, details about Nelly’s children and their lives remain relatively private. Here’s what we know about Nelly’s kids, from their interests to their relationship with their famous father.

Chanelle Haynes, Nelly’s eldest daughter, shares his passion for music. Following in her father’s footsteps, she works as a writer for Nelly’s record label, Derrty Entertainment. Additionally, in 2020, she ventured into releasing her own song, displaying her inherent musical talents inherited from her father. Nelly proudly spoke about her diverse talents, mentioning her involvement in music, along with an upcoming radio show. Outside of her professional life, Chanelle embraces motherhood, evident from her son named Ace, a fact she proudly showcases in her Instagram bio, affirming her priority as a mother.


Similarly, Shawn Thomas, a familiar face on Nelly’s reality show “Nellyville,” once pursued a career in music. While details about his current career choices remain undisclosed, he is relishing the joys of parenthood, cherishing moments with his daughter, Mahalia. Meanwhile, Cornell Haynes III, Nelly’s son, hints at his interest in producing music through his Instagram bio.

Despite their adulthood, Nelly maintains a close and affectionate relationship with his children. He often shares glimpses of their bond on various platforms. Describing their connection as more akin to friends than traditional parent-child dynamics, Nelly expresses his willingness to share clothes with his sons and enjoys similar interests as them.

Nelly’s social media accounts frequently feature heartwarming moments with his kids, expressing immense love and pride. From commemorating Chanelle’s birthday with a touching collage to praising his youngest son’s respectful demeanor, Nelly consistently showcases his adoration for his children, demonstrating that outside his thriving career, his personal life remains grounded and focused on his family.

In essence, Nelly, a music industry icon, treasures his role as a father, sharing an unbreakable bond with his children, which forms the core of his life beyond the glamour of his successful career.