Everything we know about Henry Cavill’s hush-hush relationship with Natalie Viscuso


Henry Cavill, known for his leading roles in Hollywood blockbusters, has preferred to keep his personal life relatively private, especially when it comes to his relationship with Natalie Viscuso. Despite his fame, Cavill has managed to fly under the radar with his romance with Viscuso, which piqued fans’ curiosity about his love life. The actor dropped the first hint of his relationship status in April 2021 when he shared an Instagram post of himself and Viscuso playing chess, suggesting that he was indeed off the market.

Their relationship became more public when Viscuso expressed her pride in Cavill’s achievements, particularly when he graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter in November 2021.

Her heartfelt message showcased the depth of their connection, leaving fans to speculate about the seriousness of their relationship. Fast forward three years, and the couple’s bond is stronger than ever as they prepare to welcome a new addition to their family.


Speculation about Viscuso’s pregnancy arose after the couple was spotted in New York City in April 2022, with Viscuso sporting what appeared to be a baby bump. Cavill confirmed the news during the premiere of “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare,” expressing his excitement about becoming a father. Additionally, he revealed their quirky tradition of having dance parties at home after a bottle of wine, indicating their playful and loving dynamic.

Beyond expanding their family, Cavill and Viscuso are embarking on an exciting professional endeavor together. As avid gamers, they announced plans to produce an on-screen adaptation of the popular role-playing game “Warhammer” through Amazon Studios.

Cavill’s passion for the game, coupled with Viscuso’s executive producer role, highlights their collaborative spirit and shared interests. With such a significant project on the horizon, along with the anticipation of parenthood, Cavill and Viscuso are undoubtedly entering a new chapter filled with excitement and adventure.