Everything We Know About Blue Bloods Star Tom Selleck’s Health Issues


Tom Selleck, a celebrated actor known for his roles in iconic TV shows like “Magnum P.I.” and “Blue Bloods,” has recently faced rumors about his health. Reports suggested that he might be dealing with health challenges, with claims that he used a body double for certain scenes in “Blue Bloods” due to pain and agony. However, a representative for Selleck denied these claims.

Selleck, now in his later years, has been open about the toll that physical demands, stunts, and his age have taken on his body. He mentioned experiencing back issues and discomfort, partly attributed to the physical demands of his acting career. He highlighted the impact of doing stunts in movies, acknowledging that while they may not have been extremely difficult, the constant stop-and-go nature took a toll on his body.

Additionally, a significant event in Selleck’s life was a car accident in 1983 while teaching his son how to drive. The incident resulted in a fall from the third floor of a parking deck, yet Selleck quickly recovered and returned to filming “Magnum P.I.” the next day, despite minor injuries.


Despite these challenges, Selleck remains proactive in maintaining his health and fitness. He has a 63-acre ranch where he engages in physical activities such as clearing brush and planting trees. He expressed his preference for this type of physical work over going to the gym, emphasizing its value not only for physical fitness but also for mental well-being. Selleck finds solace in working on his ranch, seeing it as a grounding force that keeps him balanced amidst the demands and fame of the entertainment industry.

His approach to embracing the aging process with determination, dedication to physical work, and focus on family serves as a testament to leading a fulfilling and vibrant life, despite the challenges that come with age and the demands of a Hollywood career.