Everything To Know About Tate McRae’s Hockey Star Brother Tucker


Before Tate McRae rose to fame with her standout performances on “So You Think You Can Dance” and the creation of her breakthrough hit “You Broke Me First,” as well as her inclusion in the prestigious “Forbes 30 under 30” Music list, she was first and foremost a sister. While crafting her second EP, “Too Young to be Sad,” from her father’s home office, McRae took a moment to pen a heartfelt song for her brother. Titled “Dear Brother,” the song beautifully expresses her apprehensions about the possibility of them growing apart as they navigate adulthood. In poignant lyrics, she croons, “So one day when we’re living our lives / I hope that we’re just fine / Hope that I know what you’re going through / One day I hope that you’ll call me / And tell me your problems.” This intimate glimpse suggests a close bond between Tate and her brother, Tucker McRae.

It’s worth noting that Tate and Tucker’s social circles intersected when she sought out romantic connections. She candidly shared with Entertainment Tonight that Cole Sillinger, an ice hockey player for the Blue Jackets, was introduced to her through a mutual friend of her brother’s. As fate would have it, this connection didn’t ultimately endure, and it’s speculated that Tate may reference this past relationship in her single “Greedy,” perhaps even symbolically, donning a blue jacket on an ice rink. This prompts curiosity about the extent of Tucker’s connection with a collegiate hockey player, and whether he and Tate maintain a strong enough bond for her to trust his friend of a friend.

Yet, Tucker McRae isn’t in his sister’s shadow when it comes to achieving recognition. Two years older than Tate, Tucker has forged a distinguished career as an ice hockey player. He embarked on his hockey journey as a defenceman with the Okotoks Oilers in the Alberta Junior Hockey League. Notably, in 2020, Tucker earned a spot on the AJHL All-Academic team, a testament to his prowess both on the ice and in academics. This leadership quality was further exemplified when he was appointed captain for the 2021-2022 season, with Tucker affirming to the AJHL, “I’m a guy that everyone can look to in the room and trust.”


Tucker’s dedication paid off, culminating in an opportunity to play for the Ivy League’s Dartmouth College during the 2022-2023 season. He spoke with Western Wheel about the meticulous approach he took with his parents to achieve his goals. He emphasized, “I’ve always been patient with school and hockey. I took another year … so I could focus on my marks and make sure I was the most well-developed I could be to go to the next level.” Tucker added, “I couldn’t have asked for a better spot, I think it’s the perfect fit for me academically and on the hockey side of things too. [Ivy League] has actually been a goal of mine … I told my parents that’s what I wanted to do and I’ve just stuck with that and was thankful enough that it paid off.”

The McRae siblings clearly share a deep familial bond. While not a musical family per se, they all share a profound appreciation for music, diving into new artists and immersing themselves in songs. Although Tucker McRae doesn’t possess his sister’s vocal talents, he proudly supports her endeavors. In a rare Instagram post, the hockey player showcased his sister, captioning it “T8 #proudbrother.” The photo captured a moment of genuine warmth between Tate and her big brother, their smiles radiating towards the camera.

The pride within the McRae family is palpable. On Tucker’s birthday, their mother, Tanja Rosner, took to Facebook to celebrate him. She noted the striking resemblance between Tucker and his late grandfather, expressing deep affection for this connection. Rosner went on to write, “We are so proud of the young man he has become. His work ethic and determination is admirable!” Tucker’s family is undeniably his biggest cheerleaders, celebrating his accomplishments both academically and on the ice. It’s evident that both Tucker and Tate are reaping the rewards of their hard-earned achievements.