Everything Ivanka Trump Has Said About Her Romance With Sean Brosnan


The romantic history of Ivanka Trump, prior to her marriage to Jared Kushner, is rife with unexpected encounters and notable names, revealing a string of relationships and potential suitors that generated curiosity and occasional controversy. Before settling down, Ivanka dated several individuals, encompassing a spectrum of backgrounds, from college sweethearts to celebrities and socialites.

Among Ivanka’s noteworthy exes, Sean Brosnan, the son of Pierce Brosnan, stood out as a significant pre-Jared Kushner suitor. Their relationship gained attention after their appearance together at the 50th Annual International Red Cross Ball in Palm Beach, Florida. However, their romance was brief, with Ivanka opting not to introduce Sean to her parents due to the scrutiny she expected them to face under her father’s keen observation.

During her dating history, Ivanka had encountered some uncomfortable public moments, notably an incident on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” involving comedian Andy Dick, who inappropriately touched her legs, prompting Ivanka to express discomfort and concern about her father’s reaction to such incidents.


Ivanka’s past preferences and dating choices were diverse. She reportedly shared her admiration for “strong guys,” citing Christian Bale’s character from “American Psycho” as an example. This preference for a confident and assertive partner appeared to contrast with her eventual choice of Jared Kushner, whom she met at a networking event in 2007. Despite Kushner not fitting her previously stated ideal type, Ivanka praised their shared groundedness and mutual interests, such as biking and dining at casual places like the 2nd Avenue Deli.

The dynamic dating history of Ivanka Trump, filled with various suitors from different backgrounds and preferences, culminated in her marriage to Jared Kushner in 2009, despite the apparent contrast between her past ideal and her eventual life partner.